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Visual Art


Pride, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Education, Innovation


On June 28, 2021, the incoming residents reported for their first day of orientation at Westside Regional Medical Center (WRMC). This GME program is a joint venture and requires the same level of commitment from Northwest Medical Center (NWMC). As a new employee, I was immediately impressed with the residents, leadership, and staff. Everyone was relaxed, excited, attentive, and cooperative. I met people from all over the world, from different religions, and from different sexual orientations. The following day the same group of residents attended orientation at NWMC and the leadership and staff were equally impressive. I went home feeling energized by this extraordinary residency program where diversity, equity and inclusion were not just words but were embodied in both the residency program, and both hospitals. I created “Building HCA Bridges” as an abstract expression with feelings, movement, textures and symbolic colors. When I stepped back, I realized that the painting was missing something. The next day, I spoke with the GME and hospital leadership and with their support, the painting was subsequently passed throughout both hospitals, and everyone was invited to sign. This small gesture created a sense of community, pride, and validation for all who participated in creating this incredible residency program and ultimately, unique piece of artwork. I am submitting the traveling painting, “Building HCA Bridges” on behalf of the inaugural GME Programs at WRMC and NWMC and for those who support the program every day. We are blessed.


First Place Winner, Visual Arts

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Traveling Painting being signed during the IM Awards

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