Featuring scholarly activity by HCA Healthcare Graduate Medical Education residents from the North Florida Division.

Implementing a Delirium Precautions Order Set at Osceola Regional Medical Center

Postnatal Venous Thrombembolism (VTE) Risk Assessment in Cesarean Section Patients

Ataxia Pancytopenia Syndrome Associated Ocular Albinism: A Clinical Vignette

A Rare Case of Statin-Associated Autoimmune Myopathy

A Rare Case of Splenic Artery Thrombosis Provoked by Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (DMPA) Requiring Splenectomy

Optimal Timing and Outcomes Among COVID-19 Patients Undergoing Tracheostomy

Rib Plating Hardware Failure and Surgical Revision

Not Just an Accident: A Case of Insulinoma

Triple SARS-CoV2, Influenza A & Influenza B Co-infection

Pneumomediastinum Associated with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Increasing the Rate of Pneumococcal Vaccination in Patients Over 65 at HCA Florida Osceola Primary Care

Improving Recombinant Zoster Vaccination Rates in Patients Receiving Biologic Therapy in the Rheumatology Clinics at the Orlando VA Healthcare System