South Atlantic Division Research Day 2022

Featuring scholarly activity by HCA Healthcare Graduate Medical Education residents from the South Atlantic Division.

Extensive Intra-Abdominal Adhesions in a Patient with No Previous Abdominal Surgeries

Shark Bite in a Seven Year-Old Female: A Case Report

The Slow Rhythm of Midodrine: A Peculiar Case of Profound Bradycardia

Patient Centered Communication

Case Report: Disseminated Mucormycosis in an Ostensibly Immunocompetent Patient

Anesthesia with Mitochondrial Disease

Flight to a Hospital in Paradise: A Case of Acute Onset Ataxia in a Healthy Child

Gallstone Ileus: A Case Report

Changes in Injury Patterns Associated with Elevated Blood Alcohol Level

Pectoralis Nerve Block for Regional Anesthesia: A Safe and Effective Approach to Incision and Drainage of Axillary Abscesses

Use of Tranexamic Acid for Venom-Induced Consumptive Coagulopathy in a Rabbit Model of Crotalidae Envenomation

Suspected Blow to the Chest? Investigate It!