HCA Healthcare Scholarly Commons: Assembling a Knowledge Menagerie


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HCA Healthcare Scholarly Commons is the institutional repository for HCA Healthcare Graduate Medical Education programs. Utilizing the bepress Digital Commons platform, our repository houses scholarly works from over 300 residency and fellowship programs at 66 teaching hospitals nationwide. During the presentation, the institutional repository manager will discuss using Scholarly Commons to create traditional collections and various writing education and scholarly activity initiatives housed in the repository. Collections discussed will include:

1. The Write Way: A Peer Review Panel "This is an online peer-review platform for HCA Healthcare GME residents, fellows, and faculty; participants can serve as a reviewer and/or submit an article for review as an author to receive feedback. 2. Teaching Commons - A new initiative that creates shared curriculum resources for the HCA Healthcare GME enterprise. 3. HCA Healthcare Online Writing Lab (HOWL) .“ A collection of writing resources created by the HCA Healthcare GME medical writer and the knowledge management team. Resources currently include modules on Plagiarism Prevention, Authorship, Writing Effective Poster Presentations, and more.

The presentation will discuss the process and workflow for creating these collections and the challenges encountered.

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