Call for Papers

Special Issue of the HCA Healthcare Journal of Medicine

Research, Education, Practice and Policy in the COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a global health crisis that precipitated massive efforts aimed at understanding, preventing, preparing for, treating and responding to the novel coronavirus domestically and internationally. The HCA Healthcare Journal of Medicine is thus organizing a Call for Papers in a special issue of the journal titled, "Research, Education, Practice and Policy in the COVID-19 Era," to capture groundbreaking studies and advances that will shape health and healthcare for decades to come.

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Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3 (2020)

Editorial and News


The Other Epidemic
Bruce Deighton



Improving the Quality and Design of Retrospective Clinical Outcome Studies that Utilize Electronic Health Records
Oliwier Dziadkowiec, Jeffery S. Durbin, Vignesh Jayaraman Muralidharan, Megan L. Novak, and Brendon T. Cornett

Clinical Review


Convalescent Plasma in COVID-19
Ranjit S. Banwait, Joshua K. Salabei, Troy J. Fishman, and Uma G. Iyer


A Complication of Acute Myocardial Infarction
Nakeya Dewaswala and Robert Dean Chait


Neuroendocrine Tumor of the Gallbladder, a Rare Incidental Finding
Alvaro Frometa, Yasna Chaudhary, Omar Ansari, Nigel Jagoo, and Iqbal Kapadia


Red Ear Syndrome: A Case Presentation and Discussion
Jared Brackenrich, Samantha Sternad, and Chad Johnston



Evaluation of Resident Palpation Skills in Foot and Ankle Anatomic Structures Using Bedside Ultrasound
Se Won Lee, Phuong U. Le, Craig Van Dien, Mike Hansen, and Timothy Tiu


Prehospital Antibiotics Improve Morbidity and Mortality of Emergency Medical Service Patients with Sepsis
Thomas Martel, Monica N. Melmer, Samuel M. Leaman, Nicole Kassen, Seth Kozlowski, Jonathan Pangia, Scott Gutovitz, and Dietrich Jehle



Consented End
Rabia Mazhar