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Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 4 (2020)

Editorial and News


Clinical Review

Case Reports


Flash Pulmonary Edema: A Case and Review of Left Ventricular Non-Compaction Cardiomyopathy
Paula J. Watts, Oliver S. Garbo, Wendy Barrett, Michael Kopstein, Ryan Maybrook, and Dmitriy Scherbak


Non-Obstetric Vulvar/Paravaginal Hematoma in an Adolescent Female with Scleroderma: An Opportunity for Intimate Partner Violence Intervention
Amanda Burnham, Jo Cooke-Barber, Stephen Thacker, Donna Evans, David Carney, and William Boswell


Investigation of a Peculiar Case of Childhood Lymphadenopathy
Chade Aribo, Alonso Al, Allison Woodall, and Tommy Y. Kim



Early Aggressive Hydration Is Associated with Decreased Opioid Use and Readmission in Mild Acute Pancreatitis
Shreyans Doshi, Hong Liang, Hale Z. Toklu, Selina Fritze, and Sue-Wei Luu



COVID-19: The Culprit, the People and Lessons Learned
Kayihura Manigaba and Mukundwa K. Gael

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