Reviewer Guidelines

As a journal sponsored by HCA Healthcare Graduate Medical Education, we view the submission and peer review process as part of the continuing learning experience of our medical practitioners. Whether the authors are experienced physicians or residents, we expect the review process to be an instructive and positive experience, even in the case of rejection.

Reviews should be honest, but also offer support and correction. We hope that authors of rejected submissions can use the direction given by our reviewers to improve their work and ultimately secure publication with another journal. Reviewers who don’t abide by these rules and are dismissive, unhelpful, or disrespectful will not be invited to review future submissions.

As a reviewer, you are required to maintain confidentiality regarding any manuscripts you review. You must not share any information about a manuscript or its content with any third party without written permission from the journal and
HCA Healthcare.

Reviews are double blinded. In your review, please do not put your name in the filename or the review itself and avoid any discussion that reveals any particular personal or professional information that may give away your identity.

Reviewers are selected by the editors to review a particular submission. For most content, the editor will attempt to get 3 reviewers. If you are selected, you will receive an email that will link to a page with access to the article and buttons to accept or reject the review opportunity. You may read the article before deciding to accept the assignment.

The editor may solicit more than 3 people to review, so if you are interested you need to accept the reviewing opportunity quickly. Once 3 reviewers have signed up, anyone solicited who hasn’t yet responded will get an email saying that their service is no longer needed.

You will be given 14 days from the time you accepted the opportunity to review the article. You can submit a document with your comments or cut-and-paste your comments directly in your reviewer web page. Consistently tardy reviewers will likely not be invited to review future submissions.

You can co-author your review with a resident or fellow. Co-reviewers must abide by the conditions laid out herein. Co-reviewers must be credited for their work when the review is submitted. However, residents cannot receive ACGME scholarly credit for their work.