Balloon Kyphoplasty Complication: A Case of a Lodged Balloon Within the Vertebral Body.


East Florida


Kendall Regional Medical Center

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bone tamp, kyphoplasty, compression fracture, osteoporosis, spine, balloon, cement extravasation


Anesthesiology | Surgical Procedures, Operative | Therapeutics


This report describes a case involving a balloon kyphoplasty bone tamp becoming lodged inside the vertebral body and unable to be withdrawn, the first report of its kind in the literature. A board certified interventional pain management physician was performing a balloon kyphoplasty for an L3 osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture using a bipedicular approach with two bone tamps. Cannulation and cavity formation were completed without complication; however, upon removal of the balloons it was noted that one had become lodged in the vertebral body. Several attempts were made to remove the balloon. Neurosurgery and the balloon manufacturer were consulted intraoperative, and it was decided to leave the balloon fragments in situ and complete the interventional fixation of the vertebral body with bone cement. The patient followed up in the clinic several months later without neurologic complications. Postoperative radiography confirmed the presence of a retained foreign body consistent with balloon fragments. Balloon kyphoplasty and its various procedural complications will be discussed, as well as the intraoperative decision making faced when encountering a complication.

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