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When the COVID-19 Pandemic first hit, the Canadian borders were closed and my medical school had put a hold on rotations forcing me to very quickly pick a place to quarantine for the upcoming weeks, not knowing what we were in for. So I chose an isolated town among the mountains a couple hours south of Colorado Springs. Over 2-3 weeks into staying there, the numbers of cases nationally kept climbing up steadily and the uncertainty of it all was rather nerve wracking. I remember coming across this house during one of my walks and being quite taken aback by the waving flag against the backdrop of the mountains. It put things in perspective. Mountain ranges are evocative to us at a fundamental level, they represent a resilience that stretches across the ages. Here was our nation embroiled in an existential struggle and the mountains remained unmoved. It was inspiring to me, realizing that we as a people can surpass this struggle also and remain resolute and unshaken, we are surrounded by reminders showing us that it's possible.

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