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‘Peace’ by Shauntelle Brown. 48x48 acrylic painting.

Duke Ellington once said about playing the piano, “This is not piano. This is dreaming”(Burnes, Jazz). Painting for me is dreaming on canvas. It is my path to discovering wellness and harmony in my life.

The painting is entitled ‘Peace’, and was painted to express the feelings of tranquility, inner peace, and wellbeing. To achieve this I used symbolism and color to communicate to the viewer. The circles represent totality and original perfection while the trees symbolize life, wisdom, and prosperity. The colors selected are intended to evoke certain feelings: blue for serene, purple for power, and red for passion. Together they create a sense of wholeness of being. Additionally, the recurring trinity of imagery represents eternal life. This is seen in the three rings, three circles, and three dots. Central to the painting is the women. She is centered, balanced, and calm in her universe. I selected to close her eyes to further convey the overall theme of serenity. Hopefully, ‘Peace’ exemplifies wellness and inspires good vibes for the viewer.


"Swing: Pure Pleasure." Jazz: A Film, episode 5, directed by Ken Burnes, PBS, 2001.

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