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compassion, patient, physician, suffering, family, loved ones


Driven by compassion in medicine personally, touched by numerous patients encountered on a daily basis in the hospital setting, its not just hard to keep my emotions just to myself, but also feels selfish to not share the intensity of joy, stress, of bittersweet moments, of patients recovering and being discharged home, to helplessly seeing them go, too far for us to intervene anymore. Commiserating with someone hurting, feeling their pain, living through their ailment, with them, their loved ones, with an urge, a humane intention to help them get better, is but natural for a physician. Sometimes, these emotions take the form of a hug, a smile of relief, of gratitude to our profession as healers, and sometimes, of tears, of a broken heart, of uncertainties of a soon approaching end that’s certain, that we bitterly fight against, but lose, helplessly, which then take the form of words, of poetry that I pen down. Here, I am sharing one of those unfortunate scenarios that I have experienced as a doctor.


Second Place, Prose and Poetry