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COVID, sketch, artwork


I'm the kind of person who doodles to decompress - in the back of lecture halls, on the backs of patient's charts, even on my own skin. This past year, most of my doodles have been increasingly dark or serious: a virus, repeated over and over. A patient lying still beside intubation supplies, with "failed" written below. A spiral twisting in and in.

Some of those doodles were useful, ending up as educational material or on flyers or as illustrations in a kid's book written by my mother (the elder Dr. Gurley!) Most ended up in the garbage, created in search of some peace of mind amidst the madness of the pandemic.

These last few months, my doodles have become more cheerful. The people I've met at HCA and the impact the new vaccines have made in my patient's lives has made me feel some hope. Although COVID rates are rising, we now have effective, proven methods of fighting the spread of the virus and I go to work every day alongside amazingly kind, smart, inspiring healthcare professionals. I wanted to share that hope with others in the form of my artwork.

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