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Nature, nurture, anatomy, lungs, leaves


Art has always been a way for me to translate my experiences into a tangible format. Whatever I was feeling or dealing with in the world, I could put into a piece of art. While I am in the creative process, the scene around me disappears, and I can let all my energy flow onto the page. I started creating pieces like this one when I began my first job in research. I had grown up with parents who worked in the medical field, but I had never been part of a medical/healthcare setting before my role as a research analyst. I was excited for the opportunity to learn, but I was also nervous due to my lack of experience in this particular realm. However, once I got comfortable in my role, a whole new world opened up for me. I started to become fascinated with human anatomy and the idea of the importance of nature in relation to our health. I began to look into several studies that focused on nature and its effect on human health. Many of the findings revealed that spending time outdoors, especially on nature trails or in parks, improved both the physical and mental health of the participants. Allowing ourselves to be nurtured by nature can bring so many improvements to our lives, including prolonging them. With that information in mind, I hope this piece reminds everyone to step outside once in a while and breathe in the fresh air. Maybe you will sprout a few leaves too.

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