Visual Representation of Cultural and Collegial Collaboration

Afsah A. Hussain, HCA Healthcare


Our colleagues are those on whom we rely on to not only help us with patient care and advocacy but also to establish a meaningful and collaborative relationship. The connection between comrades of different departments and specialties facilitates a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in treating a variety of maladies, and we quickly find ourselves ardently discussing our own life struggles, achievements, woes, and joys with those whom we once considered strangers, which only demonstrates the steadfastness of our professional and collegial relationships. However, for a holistic approach to the discipline of healing, the interconnectedness of other subdisciplines needs to be recognized. Therefore, in an attempt to bridge the perceptual disciplinary gaps, the commonalities of approach and affinities of cultural traditions need to be integrated.

In this painting, one can appreciate a central stained-glass pattern which mimics those seen in ancient Persian forts and buildings of old. The medium used is acrylic paint, embellished with glitter and sparkling rhinestones to add an element of elegance and regality. Surrounding the central pattern are intricate and brightly colored South Asian henna designs which often decorate the palms of individuals celebrating auspicious occasions. This reflects how different cultures and backgrounds can intermingle and enhance both the technique as well as the visual beauty of mutual interactions and the awareness of harmonious alliances.