Submissions from 2022


Infected Retained Catheter-Related Sheath, an Underrecognized Complication of Central Venous Catheter Insertion: A Case Report., Omar Obaid, James Skorczewski, Akash Patel, and Matthew Meleka

Submissions from 2021


Chest Pain from Pneumopericardium with Gastropericardial Fistula, Abdullah Rathur, Hussein Al-Mohamad, Jeffrey Steinhoff, and Ronald Walsh

Submissions from 2019


A Coronary Masquerade: Spontaneous Coronary Dissection Presenting as Acute Coronary Syndrome, Kara Stout DO, Stephanie Cochran DO, Abdullah Rathur DO, Joe Carragher DO, Iftekhar Baig DO, and Merrill Krolick DO