Topical Zinc May Augment Post-Operative Wound Healing, Including Following Mohs Micrographic Surgery: A Review of the Literature


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surgical dermatology, Mohs micrographic surgery, wound healing, surgery, zinc, post-operative


Dermatology | Inorganic Chemicals | Surgery


Background: Zinc, an essential mineral, has been extensively studied in the field of dermatology for the treatment of a plethora of skin conditions. However, minimal literature exists regarding its use for the enhanced healing of wounds after surgery, including following Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS).

Objective: Evaluate the available literature regarding the utilization of zinc for enhanced healing of post-surgical wounds in humans.

Methods: A systematic review of studies evaluating the use of zinc for post-surgical management was conducted via an electronic literature search of the PubMed database. Clinical trials were searched using

Results: Topical zinc formulations may decrease healing time and post-operative infection rates, including following MMS of the lower extremity.

Limitations: Currently, there are a limited number of studies available on this topic, with lack of a standard comparable outcome measure.

Conclusion: Topical zinc oxide may be a beneficial treatment option for post-surgical wound healing, including after MMS. Further studies are needed to better define the efficacy of zinc for post-operative wound healing and the optimal treatment regimen.

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Skin: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine