Social media in dermatology: clinical relevance, academic value, and trends across platforms.




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Dermatology, Humans, Reproducibility of Results, Social Media


Dermatology | Medicine and Health Sciences


Social media encompasses multiple sites for online communication that reach a large proportion of the global population. While the increase in number of publications investigating dermatology content on social media has paralleled the growth of social media in the past decade, there has not yet been an extensive review of past literature on this topic. Our objective is to summarize and analyze publications on the role of social media within the field of dermatology. Social media is frequently used by patients to solicit advice related to cutaneous concerns and even when seeking out a dermatologist, but it is underutilized among both clinicians marketing their practices and academicians collaborating with colleagues in the field. Social media has the potential to advance instruction for trainees in dermatology and facilitate new research methods. Patient-centered perspectives and advocacy groups have a larger presence overall on social media platforms than stakeholders in academic dermatology. Furthermore, specific platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter vary in originators of material, messaging strategies, and reliability of information with regards to certain dermatologic conditions and behaviors.

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Journal of Dermatological Treatment