Blunt Trauma Resulting in Testicular Evisceration: A Case Report


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Riverside Community Hospital

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Case Report

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scrotum, testicle, blunt trauma, testicular injury, scrotal injury, scrotal hematoma, testicular hematoma, testicular evisceration, scrotal rupture


Surgery | Trauma | Urology


Scrotal and testicular injuries are uncommon injuries, accounting for only a fraction of all trauma. Blunt scrotal trauma is accompanied by testicular rupture in up to 50% of cases. We present a rare case of scrotal rupture with evisceration of a viable, intact testicle after a motor vehicle accident. The patient’s presentation, associated injuries, operation, and post-operative course are described. In brief, this is a case of a 69-year-old male who sustained multiple rib, pelvic, and right femur fractures in addition to scrotal injury after a motor vehicle accident. He was taken quickly to the operating room for the scrotal rupture, and his testicle was successfully replaced and scrotal laceration repaired. He did well post-operatively. This case represents one of the few accounts of this particular injury in the literature.

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