Assessment of Emergency Department Staff Awareness of Policy and Expert Opinion Protocol Regarding Active Shooter Events.


North Florida


Osceola Regional Medical Center

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active shooter drill, active shooter incident, emergency department preparedness, workplace violence


Emergency Medicine | Public Health


OBJECTIVE: Active shooter incidents (ASI) have continued to increase over the years, with the majority of attacks occurring in the workplace. Workplace violence in the hospital setting is a growing concern in the emergency department (ED). While ASI are inherently unpredictable by nature, it is prudent to be prepared for these scenarios in the hospital to prevent fatalities. The goal of this study is to access the level of familiarity of emergency department staff with ASI hospital policy and response protocol.

METHODS: A survey of ED employees was distributed using the Qualtrics® platform via an electronic link. The study was approved by the University of Central Florida College of Medicine's IRB.

RESULTS: Only 10% had participated in an ASI drill in the past year. Personnel who answered "no" to the question,

CONCLUSION: Most ED providers in the survey reported feeling unprepared to handle an ASI in the emergency department. This study underscores the need to implement regular training on ASIs for ED staff.

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Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness