Redox Signaling and Biomarkers in the Acute Setting


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redox signaling, biomarkers, aging, sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, cerebral ischemia, acute coronary syndrome, traumatic brain injury, oxidative stress


Diagnosis | Emergency Medicine


The role of redox biomarkers is highly applicable to the diagnosis and management of patients in the acute setting, especially in the context of the aging patient population. Several biomarkers are in active clinical usage; however, many more novel biomarkers are undergoing current research. The process of redox signaling and its associated biomarkers are involved in the potential clinical management of a wide variety of pathologies. Redox biomarkers have been especially noted to be associated with processes characterized by inflammation and cellular damage. As a result, oxidative stress at a cellular level is often implicated in pathologies requiring acute and timely diagnosis, including sepsis, pulmonary and cardiovascular disease, neurologic injury, and trauma. The geriatric population is particularly vulnerable to morbidity and mortality when subject to injury and disease. The discovery of redox signaling biomarkers that would allow for earlier diagnosis of life-threatening conditions, in addition to providing guidance on prognosis, could be an effective method for decreasing the detrimental effects seen in the aging population. Sepsis, as it represents a spectrum of disease that affects multiple organs, has been one of the areas most studied with regard to relevant biomarkers; tests measuring levels of C-reactive protein and procalcitonin are already in common usage. Research into disorders of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurologic systems have also yielded specific biomarkers that may reflect underlying inflammation, tissue ischemia, or chronic disease and are influenced by redox signaling. This chapter discusses specific biomarkers and their clinical applications in acute settings, such as emergency departments.

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Redox Signaling and Biomarkers in Ageing