Submissions from 2019


Caring for the Underserved: Addressing A Community's Social Needs Without a Social Worker, Kavitha Arabindoo MD, Emily Hansen DO, and Tatum Mead

Availability of Pain Medications for NPO Patients, Anna Augustin DO, Kyle Borodunovich DO, Sean Quinonez DO, Furqan Haq, and My Myers MD


Development and Implementation of a Collaborative Obstetrical Continuity System in a New Family Medicine Residency (TBC), Michael Avila MD and Maylne Nambela-Barlow

A Comparison of Opioid Abuse Screening Tools of Detection of High Risk Patients in the Inpatient Setting, Grace Gu MD, Albert Cheng MD, Darren Rahaman MD, Shyh-Jeun Wang MD, Maureen Strohm MD, and Napatkamon Ayutyanont

West Nile Virus: An Old Tale, New Mystery, Seetha Venkateswaran and Patricia Gilford