Chilaiditi Sign in a Patient With Acute Coronary Syndrome: A Case Report


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Grand Strand Medical Center

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Case Report

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chilaiditi sign, chilaiditi syndrome, colonic interposition, decreased hepatic size, diaphragmatic elevation


Diagnosis | Digestive System Diseases | Family Medicine


Chilaiditi sign is a radiographic finding where part of the colon is found to be between the diaphragm and liver. Chilaiditi syndrome is characterized by symptoms such as chest or abdominal pain and shortness of breath once Chilaiditi sign is found on imaging. Chilaiditi sign is typically diagnosed by CT angiography (CTA) scan although it can also be seen on X-ray imaging at times. In most cases, Chilaiditi sign does not require acute intervention, as will be seen in our patient; however, it is important to include it in the differential diagnosis when a patient presents with characteristic symptoms. We present a case of a 71-year-old female who presented with chest pressure and shortness of breath due to acute coronary syndrome; however, she was found to have Chilaiditi sign, which was diagnosed by CTA chest.

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