Development and Implementation of a Collaborative Obstetrical Continuity System in a New Family Medicine Residency (TBC)


Far West


Riverside Community Hospital

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maternity care, obstetrical care, care continuity


Family Medicine | Maternal and Child Health | Obstetrics and Gynecology | Patient Safety


Family physicians provide a substantial amount of maternity care to medically underserved populations. Additionally, deliveries performed in these areas are associated with poorer perinatal outcomes. Obstetrical and patient-centered care of pregnant patients is an important part of family medicine but information on how to implement strategies for obstetrical continuity in family medicine residencies is lacking. We developed and integrated a system for obstetrical continuity including a call schedule and multidisciplinary, patient-centered care to ensure family medicine residents not only gained experience with obstetrical and perinatal care but also were able to capture deliveries under supervision by an obstetrician attending and add the newborn patients to our outpatient continuity panel. Our clinic is located in a suburban neighborhood of Riverside, California that is medically underserved. This strategy was developed to meet the need of this population and decrease the disparity between patient and provider, increase the number of prenatal deliveries and newborn patients, and to enhance interprofessional relationships between obstetrics and family medicine.

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Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Conference on Practice & Quality Improvement