Submissions from 2019

Female Predominance in Metronidazole-Induced Acute Pancreatitis: A Case Report and Review of Literature, Eileen Chang DO, Marvin Vaishnani MD, Ian Chang DO, and Whitney Jennings MD

Extracapsular Hepatocellular Adenoma: A Diagnostic Dilemma, iIsin Y. Comba, Richard Henriquez, Sundeep Kumar, Ruthvik Srinvasa-Murthy, Maria Wallis-Crespo, Olga Karasik, Lakhinder Bhatia, and Dong Xu

Salivary Gland Choristoma: A Rare Finding at Gastroesophageal Junction, Isin Y. Comba MD, Richard Henriquez MD, Sundeep Kumar MD, Hilda Merino-Chavez MD, Maria Wallis-Crespo MD, Christopher Cooper MD, and Lakhinder Bhatia MD

Iron Pill-Induced Gastropathy in Elderly Patients: A Case Series Report, Isin Y. Comba MD, Richard Henriquez, Sundeep Kumar, Ruthvik Srinvasa-Murthy, Maria Wallis-Crespo, Lakhinder Bhatia MD, and Joshua Shultz

A Scary Case of Gastroenteritis, Kairavee D. Dave, Vivek Choksi, Sufian Sorathia, Rulz Cantave, and Steven Kaplan

An Unusual Case of Small Bowel Obstruction Secondary to Calcium Carbonate Use, Selsabeel Elyaman, Uma Gudur MD, Hady Khalifa, Alan Hamza, and Andrew Seevaratnam MD

Not Just a Cyst: A Rare Presentation of LUQ Pain, Richard Henriquez, Isin Y. Comba MD, Sundeep Kumar MD, Khawaja Arsalan Bashir, Maria Wallis-Crespo MD, and Lakhinder Bhatia MD


Doxycycline-Induced Acute Pancreatitis: A Likely Source Rarely Seen, Paul Hoffman DO, Wilco Civil Sr, Jung Yoon DO, Gurjeet Kang DO, Christopher Lozano Orpiano DO, Michael Quinn DO, Joseph Staffetti MD, Dilip Ghanekar MD, Lakshminarasimhan Venu MD, Lily N. Jones DO, Ji Kwon DO, and Shaival Thakore MD

Double Pylorus: Case Report of Atypical Presentation, Christopher Lozano Orpiano DO, Gurjeet Kang DO, Michael Quinn DO, Lakshminarasimhan Venu MD, and Joseph Staffetti MD


Endoscopic Management of a Surgical Clip Found Within the Common Bile Duct Following Remotely Performed Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Sheila Rastegari DO, Curtis Brewer DO, and Long T. Hoang

Spontaneous Fungal Peritonitis: A Rare Complication of Ascites Secondary to Right Heart Failure: A Case Report, Saaah Siddiqui MD, Dharti R. Patel MD, Arshad M. Iqbal MD, Ateeq Mubarik MD, Salman Muddassir MD, and Fahad Zafar MD


Rare Obscure Cause of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Bleeding Duodenal Lymphangiectasia, Sufian Sorathia, Rulz Cantave, Vivek Choksi, Kairavee D. Dave, and Steven Kaplan

A Hiatal Hernia Causing Atrial Fibrillation through Direct Mechanical Irritation, Kirolus Sourial, Zaid Yaqoob, Anthony Chahin, Saif Borgan, Ernesto S. Robalino Gonzaga, Aamir Javaid, and Olga Karasik

Nasal Crohn's: Rare but Real Possibility, Pratikkumar Vekaria MD, Johnnie Mao MD, Ravis Patel MD, Devin Vaishnani MD, and Tejas Raiyani MD

Bone Metastasis in Appendicular Skeleton: Rare Occurrence in Colorectal Cancer, Pratikkumar Vekaria MD, Chandrika Raiyani MD, Ravis Patel MD, Devin Vaishnani MD, and Tejas Raiyani MD

Pancreatic Cancer: Leading to Failure of Rivaroxaban as an Anticoagulant, Pratikkumar Vekaria, Chandrika Raiyani, Daniel Robitshek MD, and Tejas Raiyani MD


Gastroenterology, a guiding light in Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis, Sahityan Viswanathan, Jeffrey Capati, and Long T. Hoang


Size matters: A Case of Recurrent proximal esophageal stenoses treated with a biliary self expanding metal stent (SEMS), Sahityan Viswanathan, Timothy Dobin, and Long T. Hoang