Rare Case of Obturator Hernia: Surgical Anatomy, Planning, and Considerations




Sky Ridge Medical Center

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Case Report

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Obturator’s hernia, laparotomy, mesh, minimally invasive surgery, obturator canal, small bowel obstruction


Digestive System Diseases | Surgery | Surgical Procedures, Operative


Obturator hernia is a rare variation of abdominal hernias that cause significant morbidity and mortality, especially in the elderly population. Incidence rates vary but account for approximately 0.07%-1.0% of all hernias. Literature on laparoscopic versus laparotomy, as well as types of closure (primary vs mesh) have not been well described in the literature. Obturator hernias, although rare, require a high index of suspicion and care in surgical management as many of these patients will be elderly with a multitude of comorbid conditions. Further research and reporting on technique and type of closures utilized when these rare hernias are encountered by surgeons would benefit the surgical community on practices and management of obturator hernias. Here, we present a case of an elderly female who presented with complaints of obstructive symptoms and abdominal pain secondary to an obturator hernia.

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