High-Velocity Penetrating Abdominal Injury Secondary to a Motorized Wire Brush in the Workplace.


West Florida


Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point

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Case Report

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occupational injuries, penetrating abdominal injury, penetrating trauma, removal of foreign body, undifferentiated abdominal pain


Surgery | Trauma


Penetrating injuries are one of the most common types of workplace accidents. The majority of these injury patterns are due to non-missile type, low-velocity sharp objects. We present an uncommon presentation of subacute abdominal pain secondary to non-missile type, high-velocity workplace injury. It is important to keep a wide differential in mind when evaluating patients with lingering abdominal pain without an obvious cause. Additionally, collecting the patient's employment history, occupational exposures, and job tasks are important when a workplace injury is suspected. We present the case of a 59-year-old male with abdominal pain for five weeks. Outpatient CT scan of the abdomen/pelvis demonstrated a metallic foreign body within the abdominal cavity. The patient underwent laparoscopic removal of the intra-abdominal foreign body while utilizing fluoroscopy. He recovered without sequelae and he was free of abdominal pain at six months postoperatively. Overall, it is important to maintain a wide differential when evaluating atypical abdominal pain.

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