Contrast Allergies for Neurologic Imaging: When to Proceed


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Medical Center of Trinity

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Review Article

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contrast, allergies, neurologic imaging, protocols, allergy preparation


Allergy and Immunology | Immune System Diseases | Radiology | Surgery


Contrast-enhanced neuroimaging is often necessary for the diagnosis and care of patients with diseases of the central nervous system. Although contrast is generally well tolerated and allergy to contrast is rare, allergic reactions can be severe and life threatening. Therefore, physicians should take care to prevent severe contrast allergy. In this review, we will discuss contrast allergy as well as potential strategies to reduce the risk of severe reactions in patients who require neuroimaging techniques with contrast. First, we discuss the clinical presentation and pathogenesis of contrast allergy and the risk factors associated with reactions. We then review methods to reduce the risk of future contrast reactions through improved patient education and documentation strategies, use of alternate imaging modalities or contrast media, premedication, and desensitization.

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AIMS Allergy and Immunology