Grade V Liver Injury Presented With Peritonitis Treated With Stapler-Assisted Hepatic Segmentectomy: A Case Report


North Florida


Ocala Regional Medical Center

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Case Report

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blunt abdominal, blunt liver trauma, liver rupture, liver trauma, operative skills


Digestive System Diseases | Surgery | Trauma


The liver is one of the most commonly injured solid organs in blunt abdominal trauma. In patients who are hemodynamically normal, most cases of blunt liver injuries are managed conservatively. At present, nonoperative management (NOM) is the standard of care for both minor and severe liver injuries. Usually, patients with severe liver injuries, i.e., grades IV and V, are treated with surgical intervention versus angioembolization depending if patients are hemodynamically stable or not. We present a hemodynamically stable 53-year-old male patient with a grade V blunt liver injury with complete avulsion of the left lobe of the liver after a motor vehicle collision (MVC). Very few cases of complete hepatic avulsions have been published in the literature. We discuss surgical management with stapler-assisted hepatectomy in emergency trauma laparotomy for bleeding control.

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