Submissions from 2022


Comparison of Surgical Outcomes for Colostomy Closure Performed by Acute Care Surgeons Versus a Dedicated Colorectal Surgery Service., Marc O. Duverseau, Andrew M. O'Neill, Jesse K. Sulzer, Michael Darden, Geoff Parker, and Joseph Buell

Submissions from 2020


Early Comfort Care Following Operative Intervention for Traumatic Injury, Melissa Hoffman, Michaal Schurr, Rachel Morris, Terrie Smith, and Sheri Denslow


The Overall Poor Specificity of MRCP in the Preoperative Evaluation of the Jaundiced Patient will Increase the Incidence of Non-Therapeutic ERCP, Andrew M. O'Neill MD, Keith Anderson MD, Lorinda K. Baker, and Michaal Schurr MD


General Surgery Residency and Emergency General Surgery Service Reduces Readmission Rates and Length of Stay in Non-Operative Small Bowel Obstruction, Sarah Waterman Manning MD and Katherine S. Mastriani

Submissions from 2019


A Novel Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Nanofilm-Based Synthetic Bioresorbable Antimicrobial Matrix Accelerated Healing of Chronic Wounds in a Prospective Clinical Evaluation, Sarah Waterman Manning MD, David A. Humphrey, Michael J. Schurr, Eric C. Crawford, Gaurav Pranami, William Shillinglaw, Lorinda K. Baker, and Michael J. Schurr