Submissions from 2023


Impact Evaluation of a Resident-Driven Research Training Workshop in Idaho: A Feasibility Study, Muhammad Arslan Khan, Meesha Iqbal, Trevi Mancilla, John H. Grider, Justin Solomon, and Katie Suleta

Submissions from 2021


Acute Coronary Syndrome Secondary to Retinoid Use in Acne Vulgaris, Asma Rashid and Mehboob A. Rehan

Submissions from 2020


Calcium Alkali Thiazide Syndrome: What We Need to Know, Mehboob A. Rehan MD, Asma Rashid MD, Kenneth Krell, Cristina Gabutti, and Reema Singh


Calcium Alkali Thiazide Syndrome, Mehboob A. Rehan MD, Asma Rashid MD, Reema Singh MD, Gabutti Cristina, Luma Mohsin MD, Tausha Allen MD, Paul Stanford MD, and James Thomson MD


For (Nano) Rules and Regulations: The Learning Curve., Farooq A Shiekh, Abdul Hameed, Omar Farooq, and Muhammad Uzair Lodhi