Round Atelectasis: A Peculiar Pseudotumor Seen on Echocardiogram.

Nardine Abdelsayed, HCA Healthcare
Larissa Check, HCA Healthcare
Mohamed Faris, HCA Healthcare


Round atelectasis (RA) is a rare disorder most commonly occurring in the presence of chronic pleural effusions due to the formation of adhesions and resultant pulmonary collapse. The most common culprit to this disease is asbestosis, but other causes of pleural effusions such as congestive heart failure and pneumonia are reported in the literature. RA can occasionally mimic pulmonary cancers and should be identified to prevent the associated morbidity of tumor workup. We present a case of RA seen on echocardiogram, and then later on computed tomography mimicking a pleural tumor in a 58-year-old female with preexisting heart failure and recurrent pleural effusions. Consultation with radiology and recognition of RA prevented the unnecessary potential morbidity and mortality of further workup.