Achenbach Syndrome: A Case Series


North Florida


Osceola Regional Medical Center

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Case Report

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skin lesions, good prognosis, rare, benign, blue finger, achenbach syndrome


Hemic and Lymphatic Diseases | Internal Medicine | Rheumatology


Achenbach syndrome, also known as "paroxysmal finger haematoma", is a rare, benign, self-limiting condition with unknown etiology that results in an acute onset swelling and pain, and subsequently blue discoloration of the fingers and sometimes the feet. The pathophysiology of this syndrome is not entirely clear, but intermittent spontaneous hematoma formation is reported as its characteristic symptom. Achenbach syndrome is more predominant in the female population. There are no known risk factors such as trauma, drug use, bleeding disorders, or rheumatologic diseases associated with the etiology of this syndrome. Although the symptoms are alarming to patients, the condition itself is not accompanied by any significant complications.

Herein we present our case series of four patients experiencing symptoms compatible with the diagnosis of Achenbach syndrome. The aim of this study is to increase awareness of this condition and its benign nature to avoid unnecessary referrals or invasive procedures and investigations as well as alleviate the anxiety of patients.

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