Intra-Abdominal Abscess with Candida in a Post-Operative Setting


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MountainView Hospital

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Case Report

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Candida, abscess, abdominal, hernia, operative, surgery


Bacterial Infections and Mycoses | Internal Medicine | Surgical Procedures, Operative


The goal in this case report is to discuss one presentation of the microbiology of the Candida species in an intraabdominal abscess which is under reported. In general, the Candida species fungi is a common yeast found human beings as part of the microbiology. Common sites of candidiasis are often the oral cavity or the genitalia. Candida species have been found to have a mutualistic relationship with different species with the body [5]. When overproduction of Candida species occurs, it can cause pathological infections in patients. While it is common to see patients with Candida species in their gut micro biome, it is not well documented to have intra-abdominal abscesses that grow Candida species. Typically, bacterial causes are first on the differential for clinicians. This case presentation looks to discuss some of presenting factors seen in intra-abdominal candidiasis (IAC) and what leads to it being under diagnosed.

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World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews