Impact Evaluation of a Resident-Driven Research Training Workshop in Idaho: A Feasibility Study




Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center

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Idaho, United States, curriculum, graduate medical education, research activities, residency training, teaching


Internal Medicine | Medical Education


OBJECTIVES: Engagement in research activities is a critical component of clinical residency training. It is vital to build research capacity of residents to help interpret evidence-based medicine and design quality improvement projects. A mixed methods study was conducted to assess the impact of a 1-day research training workshop conducted at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Centre, Idaho in May 2022. The workshop was targeted to improve the research knowledge of current clinical residents of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine.

METHODS: Workshop comprised of expert presentations, with assessment of difference in knowledge with a pretest and post-test. The sessions were organized around the core competencies of Institute of Medicine. Suggestions were also gathered from the audience. A pretest and post-test based on 13 questions was administered to the participants to assess change in research-related knowledge. Comments and suggestions of the participants were also recorded. Wilcoxon rank test was applied to determine statistical difference across each question and cumulative knowledge score. Conventional content analysis was applied to explore the comments and feedback.

RESULTS: The mean score of participants improved across all 12 questions. Statistically significant results were observed for the questions about types of studies qualifying as qualitative research. The cumulative score of participants increased in the post-test from 8.57 to 9.35. The participants gained new knowledge (94.3%), and felt more comfortable in application of research methods (74.3%). Encouraging feedback was obtained from the audience. They stated that they had benefited from the workshop and felt more prepared and motivated to indulge in scholarly activities.

CONCLUSION: The study shows improvement in research-related knowledge of clinical residents attending a 1-day training workshop. We recommend inclusion of such workshops in the curriculum of residents for skill building and enhanced indulgence in research activities in order to prepare them as future leaders in quality improvement, health policy, and hospital administration.

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Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development