Iatrogenic Lung Hernia, a Rare Complication of Thoracoscopic Spinal Fusion: A Case Report and Review of Literature


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North Florida Regional Medical Center

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Case Report

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Complication, Hernia, Lung, Thoracic fusion surgery


Internal Medicine | Surgical Procedures, Operative


A lung hernia is a rare and potentially severe complication that may occur due to thoracic surgery amongst other etiologies. This case report describes the clinical presentation, imaging findings, and management of a patient who developed an iatrogenic lung hernia after undergoing thoracic fusion surgery at the level of T6-T7. The patient presented with persistent chest pain, shortness of breath, and a nonproductive cough. Initial imaging studies revealed the presence of an abnormality within the pleural space, later confirmed through computed tomography of the chest. This case highlights the importance of considering iatrogenic lung hernia as a potential complication of thoracic fusion surgery and the need for close monitoring and prompt intervention in cases when it occurs.

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Radiology Case Reports