Primary Left Thigh Melanoma Presenting as an Obstructive Hemorrhagic Melanoma of the Small Bowel


South Atlantic


Grand Strand Medical Center

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Case Report

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basal cell carcinoma, bowel, cutaneous melanoma, melanoma, melanoma skin cancer, primary melanoma, small bowel melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma


Digestive System Diseases | Internal Medicine | Neoplasms


Primary malignant melanoma of the small intestine is rare and infrequent. However, the small bowel is a relatively common metastatic destination for cutaneous melanoma. Given the fact that primary small intestinal melanoma is a controversial and rare diagnosis, we present a case in which the initial finding suggested a primary tumor. However, the patient was later diagnosed with a small left thigh melanoma after the diagnosis of primary malignant melanoma of the small bowel was established. As a result, we emphasize that all primary small intestinal melanoma must be thoroughly investigated for an alternative primary lesion. Additionally, we question if the diagnosis of primary malignant melanoma of the small bowel needs to be re-classified as small bowel melanoma of unknown primary, especially in cases in which the primary lesion is unidentified.

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