Impact of Interhospital Transfer Status on Outcomes of Variceal and Nonvariceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Insights from the National Inpatient Sample analysis, 2017 to 2020


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Inpatient mortality, National Inpatient Sample, interhospital transfer, resource utilization, upper gastrointestinal bleeding


Digestive System Diseases | Internal Medicine | Medicine and Health Sciences


BACKGROUND: Variceal and nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding (VUGIB and NVUGIB, respectively) require prompt intervention. Existing studies offer limited insight into the impact of interhospital transfers on patients with VUGIB and NVUGIB.

METHODS: We conducted a retrospective study using the US National Inpatient Sample database from 2017 to 2020. The outcomes included in-hospital mortality, incidence of complications, procedural performance, and resource utilization.

RESULTS: A total of 28,275 VUGIB and 781,370 NVUGIB adult patients were included. Transferred VUGIB and NVUGIB patients, when compared to nontransferred ones, demonstrated higher inpatient mortality (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] 1.49 and 1.86,

CONCLUSION: Interhospital transfer is associated with worse clinical outcomes and higher resource utilization for VUGIB and NVUGIB patients.

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Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings