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quality improvement, obesity, fetal non stress test, biophysical profile


Medicine and Health Sciences | Obstetrics and Gynecology | Quality Improvement


The prevalence of obesity in women of reproductive age (20 to 39) in the US is 39.7%. It has been estimated that one-quarter of pregnancy complications are attributable to maternal obesity. Comprehensive prenatal care is imperative to achieving positive health outcomes. This quality improvement (QI) initiative aimed to improve antenatal fetal surveillance rates in patients with class III obesity. Evidence based interventions to test fetal wellbeing were implemented and examined over a 7 month time period to evaluate physician compliance of the standard of care for antenatal surveillance starting at 34 weeks gestation. Following implementation of this initiative, compliance with weekly antenatal testing improved from an average of 30.0% to 91.4%. Strategies that contributed to the success of this project were frequent communication, team based workflow and active participation by physicians, staff and patients. Future implications include prevention of fetal and maternal complications of obesity.

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HCA Healthcare Graduate Medical Education

Quality Improvement Project: Compliance of Antenatal Testing in Patients with Class III Obesity



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