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Background: The optimization of medical training is a critical concern amid dynamic shifts in both medical and societal landscapes. Research indicates that a substantial proportion of medical trainees experience stress, anxiety, and depression, with an estimated depression rate of 29% among medical residents, compared to 8% among nonphysicians. Furthermore, the suicide rate among physicians is twice that of the general population. Difficulty in adapting to new environments, responsibilities, and training levels exacerbate these challenges. This study evaluates the efficacy of "The Intern Survival Handbook" in mitigating stressors among new trainees, enhancing their work performance, and promoting overall mental health. Methods: Our team developed a comprehensive guidebook, incorporating advice from multiple generations of residents, covering logistical information, daily workflow, and fundamental insights into common pathologies for each rotation during the intern year. A survey, consisting of five Likert Scale items, will be administered to our residency body (excluding members of this study. This will be done as part of a resident wellness survey that was initially sent out during Fall 2023. The plan is to repeat this wellness survey in March 2024, with addition of the five Likert scale questions specific to the MCFW Family Medicine residents. Afterwards, the plan is to use Chi-square analysis to determine if there is a statistically significant difference in wellness. Results: Of those participants completing the survey (n=8), 50% split between agree (n-4) to disagree (n=4) on “I felt prepared to come into residency and handle clinic and hospital responsibilities”; 100% agreed or strongly agreed that “I find that I learn most in rotations where I can perform at my highest level”;

100% agreed or strongly agreed on “I find that reviewing the Intern Survival Handbook before and during rotations has helped me perform to the best of my abilities during that rotation”; n=7 agreed or strongly agreed that “ I find that there is a correlation between my mental health and how I perform in my rotations” versus n=1 strongly disagreed; and

100% agreed or strongly agreed on “I will recommend the Intern Survival Handbook to future generations of residents that come by this program”. Discussion: Amidst the evolving challenges in medical education, we hope our project will reveal that the implementation of a guidebook for incoming trainees within our residency program alleviated a significant mental burden, enabling them to learn and develop to their fullest potential. This approach addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by medical trainees and emphasizes the importance of tailored resources in promoting their well-being and professional growth.

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HCA Healthcare Graduate Medical Education

Effect of the  Intern Survival Book Handbook in Medical City Fort Worth Family Medicine Residency Program



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