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Internal Medicine | Medicine and Health Sciences | Quality Improvement


Introduction: Patient census at the Medical City Internal Medicine Grand Prairie clinic has been lower comparatively to other HCA Healthcare clinics. Although the cause can be multifaceted, the clinic’s online presence (e.g. Google Maps) is minimal. One initial issue with the clinic’s online presence was the lack of reviews on the Google page for the clinic. One way to increase online reviews is to provide Quick Response (QR) codes in the clinic for patients to scan on their smartphone. The goal of this project is to increase the number of Google reviews for the clinic through QR codes to at least 1 per month. The number of new patients per month in the clinic will be tracked as a secondary outcome with a goal of a 10% increase in the number of new patients per month. Methods: QR codes were initially obtained from the Google website for the clinic and placed in the clinic. Data was collected manually by going through eClinicalWorks, the electronic medical record used in the clinic, to obtain the number of new patients. The monthly number of new patients in clinic and monthly number of online reviews posted was collected. Results: Prior to the start of the study, there was an average of 15.3 new patients per month (N = 3 months) and there was an average of 0.33 reviews per month. After starting the project with the first QR code placed, there was an average of 16.3 new patients per month (N = 4 months, p = 0.7726) and there was an average of 0.5 reviews per month (p = 0.8090). After the QR code was updated, there was an average of 22.2 new patients per month (N = 15 months, p = 0.2226) and there was an average of 0.53 reviews per month (p = 0.6684). Conclusion: At the end of the project timeline, the goal of the project was only partially met. While both the number of online reviews and number of new patients did increase, although not statistically significant, only the number of new patients met the goal of 10% increase while the number of online reviews per month was still below 1 per month. Future projects can focus on other factors that can increase patient census including improving online visibility on search engines and improving referrals to the clinic from the local community.

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Increasing Online Reviews and New Patients in Clinic with QR Codes



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