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intrauterine gas


Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications | Medicine and Health Sciences | Obstetrics and Gynecology


Introduction: Most reports of intrauterine or endometrial gas have been reported in the setting of underlying gynecologic malignancy or infection. The significance of this case report is to give a presentation of a patient presenting with intrauterine gas who subsequently was found to have neither infectious nor malignant cause for such finding. Case Presentation: Patient is a 56 year old postmenopausal female who presenting with “hip pain” and was found to have incidental intrauterine gas on pelvic CT. She underwent in office and outpatient hysteroscopies with resection of a submucosal fibroid. Her final pathology was returned as benign and ultimately no apparent cause for her intrauterine gas was found. Conclusion: Our case report differs in that our patient was found to have no fistulous abnormalities, was not postpartum nor post procedure, and had no evidence of malignancy on permanent pathology. Our primary goal was to evaluate all potential causes for such finding and provide a differential diagnosis that is not commonly presented in current literature reviews. This case report adds to the literature by providing an alternative presentation for incidental intrauterine air that is not commonly reported.

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HCA Healthcare Graduate Medical Education

A Case Report and Evaluation of Intrauterine Gas of Unknown Origin



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