Submissions from 2022


Metabolomic signatures of low- and high-adiposity neonates differ based on maternal BMI., Begum Aydogan, Brian D Piccolo, Fernanda Alvarado, Kartik Shankar, and Perrie O'Tierney-Ginn

Submissions from 2020


Amniotic Fluid Embolism and the Possible Protective Effects of Heterozygous Factor V Leiden: A Case Report, Sanela Andelija, Olga M. Colon-Mercado, Kevin Rivera Rodriguez, Jessica A. Young, and Greg Den Haese


Diagnosis of a Longitudinal Vaginal Septum and Possible Uterus Didelphys Secondary to Coital Injury with an Artificial Phallus, Lauren Sword, Olga Marie Colon-Mercado, James Baron, Mark Sanchez, Tiffany R. Tonismae, and Nicole L. Plenty


Managing May-Thurner Syndrome and Associated Complications Throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum, Jessica A. Young, Stephen Zweibach, Nicole L. Plenty, and Tiffany Tonismae