Submissions from 2024


Prospective Comparison of VisuALL Virtual Reality Perimetry and Humphrey Automated Perimetry in Glaucoma., Jeffrey M Griffin, Grant T. Slagle, Truong A Vu, Ainsley Eis, and William E Sponsel

Submissions from 2020


COVID Intensive Care Unit Through the Eyes of Ophthalmologists, Laura Drayer Turner, Dharshana Ramanathan, Sneha Melmane, and Geeta Menon


Posner-Schlossman Syndrome, Jason H. Lippert, Michael Falgiani, and Latha Ganti


Predictors of improvement of magnitude/magnitude D ratio on pattern electroretinogram (pERG) after glaucoma suspect treatment, Marina Peskina, Napatkamon Ayutyanont, Upinder Singh, Stephen D. Anesi, and C Stephen Foster

Submissions from 2019


Effect of non-invasive intranasal neurostimulation on tear volume, dryness and ocular pain., Monika Farhangi, Anny Mansim Cheng, Brandon Baksh, Constantine D Sarantopoulos, Elizabeth R Felix, Roy C Levitt, and Anat Galor