Submissions from 2020


The Effect of Hydroxychloroquine on In-Hospital Mortality in COVID-19, Samar Aboulenain, Nakeya Dewaswala, Fergie Ramos Tuarez, Pedro Torres, Ahmed Abdallah, Mohamed Abdul Qader, Baher AL Abbasi, Charles R. Bornmann, Karolina N. Dziadkowiec, Kai Chen, Jesus E. Pino, Robert D. Chait, and Kleper de Almeida


Pharmacy Services Reboot Roadmap: Resiliency During the COVID-19 Pandemic, L. Hayley Burgess, Joan S. Kramer, Brian Moran, Mandelin Cooper, Christine Dunn, Edward Murray, and Karla M. Miller


Prediction Machines: Applied Machine Learning for Therapeutic Protein Design and Development., Tim J. Kamerzell and C Russell Middaugh


Remdesivir-Warfarin Interaction: A Case Report, Kayihura Manigaba, Josh Hawks, and Marie Kima