Submissions from 2023


Ischemic Colitis Secondary to Olanzapine and Clonidine Use in a Patient With a History of Laxative Abuse, Bosco C. Theodore, Ashley Foulkrod, Priscilla Y. Fujikawa, and Kashyap Patel

Submissions from 2021


Relationship of Utilization of Mental Health Care in Patients with Substance Use Disorders With and Without History of Prior Incarceration, Linda Zhang, Harrison Ross Galicki, Gerald Demasters, and William B. DeHart

Submissions from 2020


Time for Some Drugs or Drugs for Some Time, Linda Zhang, Lauren Wilson, and Benjamin Pierce

Submissions from 2019


Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders: A Case of Illness Anxiety Disorder in a Young Relatively Treatment Naive African American Male, Linda Zhang, Richard P. Leggett, Harrison Ross Galicki, and William B. DeHart