Cryoablation for the Treatment of Kidney Cancer: Comparison With Other Treatment Modalities and Review of Current Treatment


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Osceola Regional Medical Center

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Review Article

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radio-frequency ablation, radical nephrectomy, partial nephrectomy, percutaneous cryoablation, renal cancer, renal cell carcinoma (rcc)


Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications | Male Urogenital Diseases | Neoplasms | Nephrology | Oncology | Radiology


With cancer among the leading causes of death worldwide and kidney cancer among the more common cancers in the United States, it has become increasingly important to ensure that first-line treatments remain validated and supported in recent literature. Surgical intervention has long remained the gold standard for intervention but with newer techniques and technology on the horizon, there must be a constant review of other options that may provide improved outcomes and reduction of associated risks. Ablative techniques have gained traction and are becoming a valuable intervention for multiple different types of cancers, kidney cancer included. Cryoablation, a newer ablative technique taking advantage of extreme cold to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue, provides a promising option for treatment. Currently, no review article, to our knowledge, compares all the different treatment options for kidney cancer. Additionally, while some literature has addressed cryoablation in comparison to other methods of management, there has not been an extensive review to combine our current understanding of these comparisons. In this review article, we provide an overview of each of the commonly used treatments for kidney cancer and summarize the current literature regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each intervention. Finally, we seek to compare cryoablation, a newer option for treatment, to each of the approaches with the goal of evaluating the best methods for management and determining cryoablation's role alongside these current interventions.

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