Possible COVID-19 Psychosis in Patient with Post-Infectious Seizure Disorder– A Case Report


South Atlantic


Orange Park Medical Center

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Case Report

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sars-cov-2, coronavirus infections, COVID-19, acute psychosis, seizure disorder


Infectious Disease | Nervous System Diseases | Psychiatry | Virus Diseases


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been various reports of unique sequelae of the disease. From the development of long-term anosmia to worsening diabetes, there is a long list of COVID-19 sequelae. More recently, neuropsychiatric diseases have also been reported post-infection. These include seizure, encephalitis, acute psychosis, hallucinations, and suicidal behavior. Here we describe a unique case of possible COVID-19 psychosis in an individual who has developed post-infectious seizure disorder. Our patient presented with new-onset psychosis and altered mental status with no respiratory symptoms just three months after COVID-19 infection. This case report adds more evidence to the direct association between psychosis and SARS CoV-2 infection and highlights the need for further laboratory research to improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

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