A Case Report of Myopericarditis in a Young Female


Central and West Texas


Del Sol Medical Center

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Case Report

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Viral myocarditis, Myopericarditis, Pericarditis


Cardiology | Cardiovascular Diseases | Virus Diseases


Our case presents a 25-year-old NICU nurse who developed sudden severe chest pain and shortness of breath with increased cardiac markers and ST-segment elevation in the inferior leads. She immediately underwent cardiac catheterization which was unremarkable. Her echocardiogram showed a normal left ventricular ejection fraction of 60%. She was eventually diagnosed with viral myopericarditis via cardiac MRI. Myopericarditis is characterized by pericardial inflammation with myocardial involvement. Viral infections are the most common causes of myopericarditis in developed countries. These patients usually present with nonspecific flu-like symptoms of upper respiratory or gastrointestinal tract infection. In this case, our patient has a severe chest pain that presents similarly to a myocardial infarction. Management of myopericarditis depends on the extent of cardiac involvement.

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Clinical Case Reports International