Late-onset Rupture of an Intracranial Dermoid Cyst: A Case Report


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Aventura Hospital and Medical Center

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critical care, dermoid cyst, neurosurgery


Critical Care | Medicine and Health Sciences | Nervous System Diseases


BACKGROUND: Dermoid cysts are developmental abnormalities occurring between the third and fifth week of embryogenesis. These lesions can initially develop as intracranial or extracranial and persist throughout the patient's lifetime. While generally benign, their symptoms can be due to mass effect or local irritation secondary to rupture and release of contents, typically presenting as headaches and seizures. Intracranial dermoid cysts are rare and comprise less than 1% of all intracranial lesions, with rupture occurring approximately 0.18% of the time.

CASE PRESENTATION: Our case describes a 42-year-old Hispanic female with a late-onset rupture of an intracranial dermoid cyst with associated new onset seizures. She underwent uncomplicated neurosurgical resection with mesh placement and was scheduled to follow-up as an outpatient.

CONCLUSION: To avoid rupture and associated sequelae in future patients, we recommend considering a more invasive approach as the initial strategy if internal cysts are relatively accessible.

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Journal of Medical Case Reports