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Medicine and Health Sciences | Palliative Care | Pharmacy Administration, Policy and Regulation


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Introduction: As healthcare costs continue to rise, and with the growing awareness of the potential harms of polypharmacy, there is an ongoing need to explore strategies to optimize medication use in hospice settings. Strategies include deprescribing and medication substitutions, which ensure the safety and comfort of patients but can also lead to significant medication cost reduction.

Objectives: The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of the MyMetRx program on medication cost reduction and medication substitutions within the context of Catholic Hospice. The program aimed to optimize medication management through data-driven decisions, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and enhance cost-effective utilization of pharmaceutical resources.

Methods: A multidisciplinary team from Catholic Hospice and Onepoint Patient Care comprised of clinicians, pharmacists, and administrative staff collaborated to implement the MyMetRx program. Utilizing patient-specific data and advanced analytics, the program identified opportunities for medication deprescribing and substitutions that maintained therapeutic efficacy while also achieving cost savings. Results:The implementation of the MyMetRx program demonstrated notable successes in medication cost reduction and substitutions, while upholding the quality of patient care. Through data-driven analysis and collaborative efforts, the hospice achieved a reduction of $815,424 from September 2019 to July 2023.

Conclusion: This study highlights the pivotal role of partnership between hospice providers and pharmacy partners, it underscores the importance of leveraging technology-driven solutions to navigate the intricate landscape of pharmaceutical management in hospice care. The successful outcomes showcased in this study provide insights into how healthcare organizations, particularly hospices, can utilize innovative platforms to achieve financial efficiency while preserving the principles of patient-centered care.

Medication Cost Reduction and Substitution Strategies through the MyMetRx Program at Catholic Hospice



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