Acute Pancreatitis After Bariatric Surgery: Case Report and Rare Presentation


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Westside Regional Medical Center

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Case Report

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Acute Pancreatitis, Bariatric Surgery, Risk Factors, DAMPs


Digestive System Diseases | Internal Medicine


Background: Acute pancreatitis (AP) is an inflammatory response to the premature activation of pancreatic enzymes causing destruction of pancreatic tissue. The most common risk factors include alcohol use, triglycerides, and gallstones. There have been few documented cases describing an association between bariatric procedures and acute pancreatitis. Herein we present a novel case of AP following a robotic sleeve gastrectomy bariatric procedure.

Case Description: The patient, a 28-year-old African American female was seen in the emergency department for abdominal pain. Patient met the diagnostic requirements of acute pancreatitis, however, she had no relevant history of alcohol abuse, normal triglycerides levels, and no gallstones on imaging. The only significant history was a recent uncomplicated robotic sleeve gastrectomy bariatric surgery. The patient was admitted and treated for acute pancreatitis accordingly with fluids and pain management. She was discharged to home once stabilized.

Conclusion: This case report serves as one of the first reported incidences of acute pancreatitis following a bariatric procedure in the absence of additional risk factors. Further research is needed to investigate the risk of developing acute pancreatitis after bariatric surgery and to outline prevention strategies.

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Acta Scientific Gastrointestinal Disorders